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The Southeast Region

The southeast region of the United States is full of history, architecture, beautiful destinations and southern charm. There’s a reason so many retire to this region of the U.S. It’s often said north is a direction while the south is a lifestyle.

With it’s mild to warm climate and diverse geographic landscape, it has its own certain type of alluring draw.

From the hills in Tennessee to the lighthouses on the east coast to the sugar white sandy shores of Florida to the hauntingly beautiful bayous in Lousiana, the south is a place that inspires so many.

Whether you’re driving through the rural communities of Alabama or under a 100 year old magnolia in South Carolina or gathering pecans in Mississippi, it’s hard to not feel a sort of wonder in the south.

With much folklore, superstition, old wives’ tales and tradition, we are grounded with deep roots nonetheless. We are the bible belt both tried and true. A place where both Saturdays and Sundays are noted as religious – one for football and the other for church and the potlucks that follow.

It’s our slow and notable accents that remind visitors where they are. It’s the homegrown, downhome nature that convinces them to stay. And it’s the welcoming mindset and  native manners that create the tight-knit communities throughout the south.

Welcome to the South, y’all.


The Sunshine State


The Volunteer State

South Carolina

The Palmetto State

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