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So, this year may be a little stressful, but praise the Lord – Thanksgiving is here! Fried turkey, sweet potatoe casserole, crockpot mac and cheese, pecan pie with homemade whip cream and peach tea. Those are our go tos!

So…are you hosting this year? If so, how are you decorating?

Here a few favorite tablespaces for Thanksgiving:

Dark reds and sage accented with amber glassware. You may have to find this online if you can’t find some antique glassware in town or Facebook Marketplace. We are digging it though!

Candlesticks with a funky glass holder are a must too!

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

Deep navy and greens! This set up looks so bountiful. Not to mention, a dark table cloth will hide the crumbs and protect the table

Are you done with pumkins after Halloween? What about this though? We love the look of this one!

Plaid with white pumkins make this set up feel like the perfect in-between holiday. Still fallish and transitioning into Christmas. There are those amazing gold candlesticks again!

via Real Simple

Not only do we love the color but the texture works so well here with the smooth finish of the dinnerware.

10/10 yes.

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