Clover Lake Cottage

Vacation Home on Cordell Hull Lake

Granville, Tennessee

A fully renovated 1910 lake cottage on Cordell Hull Lake’s shoreline in downtown historic Granville, Tennessee.

There is a certain charm that comes with small towns. There is a particular sense of magic to them – like a well kept secret that inspires you when you come across it.

With a population of 538, Granville, Tennessee is a historic riverboat town located directly on Cordell Hull Lake.

It is truly a mayberry town you read about in books and see in movies full of history. The Cumberland River brought settlers to Granville in the early 1800s. From about 1831 until 1920, Granville was a thriving riverboat town.  After riverboat travel ceased, the community was a successful farming area.

Contained within the Cumberland River, Cordell Hull Lake is low key place with plenty of winding turns and wildlife.

This mayberry town hosts several popular events throughout the year. Visitors flood the streests to capture that small town magic – if only for a few hours. With original buildings lining the main street, church bells playing and the lake in the distant, Granville takes guests back in time.

Just on the main strip in the middle of town, you will find a 1910 lake cottage, Clover Lake Cottage. Fully renovated and open to guests as of Fall 2021, this is a lakefront vacation home full of southern charm.

While the entire home is restored and remodeled, the owners kept the historic home’s charm. Guests are steps away from Cordell Hull Lake while also being in downtown Granville.

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