Baxter, Tennessee

Baxter Tennessee Homes for Sale

Known for:

one of the lake towns near both Center Hill Lake and Cordell Hull Lake, just outside of Cookeville.

in-town living and secluded farmland. high ridge-top views or deep valley farms near Cordell Hull Lake.

Baxter is a small town located west of Cookeville. Home to attractions including Center Hill Lake, Cookeville Boat Dock, Window CliffsBelle & Beau Acres, DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards, Twin Lakes Catfish Farm and everything beautiful in the region. Located right off of I-40 and 56, this town is an hour from downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

This small lake town is close to both Center Hill Lake and Cordell Hull Lake. In-town living near the train tracks or on ridgetops dropping into valleys leading to the lake’s edge. This is rural country living by the lakes.

Places of Note:

Cookeville Boat Dock

Window Cliffs State Park
Delmonaco Winery & Vineyards
Twin Lakes Catfish Farm
Belle & Beau Acres

land for sale near cordell hull lake tennessee

dekalb co. population

baxter population

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